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    Whether it is the economic policies or political decision-making, the capital of India has emerged as an important place for decision-making. For the globe trotting Malayali to know who is who in the capital of his/her country and what is happening in India's capital is part of his existence. Since Delhi plays an important role in the political and economic life of the Malayalis.

    The Delhi Directory of Kerala has been giving the who is who of these decision makers who influence the life of the Malayali. Now, in tune with the times, Delhi Directory of Kerala is going on line in its 12th year., the on line edition of the Delhi Directory of Kerala will give all those interested in the Malayalis in the capital an access from across the world. For the ever emigrating Malayali such an access to information especially on his counterparts in the capital will always be beneficial. . With the Malayalam newspapers on line and people also getting on line, there will be greater interaction between the community and its people. The Malayalis, can now network extensively, thanks to the on line directories like ours. We in Dravida Publications are proud to be a facilitator for this fruitful networking. We do hope that the network will enrich the Malayalis in general to improve his much-celebrated standard of life further. is a utility site where you can log in for information on every aspect of Kerala life in the capital. It has a section SEARCH A KERALITE, which is envisaged to provide information on each and every Keralite in Delhi. This section is being widened further by incorporating data on Keralites living in Delhi who want their data accessible to the needy.

    We request the Delhi Malayalis to visit and intimate your valuable suggestions as well as the data to be incorporated in the website

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